High-performance compact DC axial fans target space-constrained enclosures

06-07-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Subs & Systems

Mouser now stocks ebm-papst 3250J S-Panther series high-performance compact DC axial fans. They measure only 92mm x 92mm x 38mm and are ideal for dissipating heat in limited space environments with lower system resistances operate at more moderate speeds than the proven 3200J S-Force series. The 3250J S-Panther series impeller has added aero-acoustic improvements including an artificially generated surface disturbance on the blades which acts as a turbulator to delay an impending stall, resulting in substantial lowering of acoustic noise. The fans offers substantially improved acoustic characteristics. The sound power of the S-Panther is lower than other fans, particularly in higher frequency ranges starting at 1250Hz. The fans also achieve 20-25% improvement in bearing life over other S-Force fans when operating at lower speeds, says the company.

By Craig Dyball