USB 3.0 to FIFO (parallel) interface bridge chip enables higher-speed standard

01-06-2015 | RS Components | Semiconductors

RS Components now stocks the FTDI's FT600/FT601, a USB 3.0 to FIFO (parallel) interface bridge chip. The device allows developers to upgrade USB 2.0 connections to the new higher-speed standard. Features include remote wake-up capability, multi-voltage I/O : 1.8V, 2.5V and 3.3V, and battery charging specification BC1.2 support. Typical applications include upgrading legacy peripherals to USB, utilising USB to add system modularity, incorporating USB interface to enable PC transfers for development system communication, cellular and cordless phone USB data transfer cables and interfaces, and interfacing PLD/FPGA based designs to USB 3.0.

By Electropages Admin