High-performance rectifier controller and driver for N-channel MOSFET power devices

01-06-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Mouser now stocks the Texas Instruments (TI) UCC24630 synchronous rectifier controller, a high-performance controller and driver for N-channel MOSFET power devices used for secondary-side synchronous rectification (SR). The combination of a controller and MOSFET emulates a near-ideal diode rectifier. This solution directly reduces power dissipation of the rectifier. It also reduces primary-side losses due to compounding of efficiency gains. Utilizing a volt-second balancing control method, the UCC24630 is ideal for fly-back power supplies. This is especially true over wide-output voltage ranges since the device is not connected directly to the MOSFET drain. The wide VDD operating range, wide programming range of the VPC voltage and blanking time, allows use in a variety of fly-back converter designs.

By Electropages Admin