New high-reliability microprocessor satisfy most demanding application needs

08-06-2015 | e2v | Semiconductors

New microprocessors from e2v's QorIQ family combine the benefits of legacy PowerPC core architecture, with the latest communication interfaces and silicon process technologies for applications such as commercial avionics and defence systems - from control applications to high-performance processing systems.. Based on a PowerPC core architecture e500v2, operating at frequencies up to 1067MHz, the P1 series by e2v operates in military temperature range from -55°c to +125°c and offers optimised power consumption, as well as data protection with an optional encryption feature. e2v also ensures long-term continuity of supply with its Semiconductor Lifecycle Management (SLiM) programme, designed for aerospace and defence longevity requirements where time-in-market is a critical part of the design consideration. “The P1 series perfectly complements our portfolio of QorIQ microprocessors available for the aerospace and defence market, offering additional embedded solutions to customers designing critical systems where failure is not an option” said Richard Gibbs, president of e2v’s semiconductor division. “Avionics and defence customers can now rely on e2v’s new series of products for their embedded systems, benefiting from our expertise in serving high-reliability applications with the latest available technologies.”

By Craig Dyball