serial non-volatile SRAM features high storage capacity of 1Mb

11-06-2015 | Anvo-Systems | Semiconductors

Anvo-Systems Dresden has introduced the ANV32AA1W serial non-volatile SRAM (nvSRAM) with a high storage capacity of 1Mb. The nvSRAM has a silicon-oxide-nitride-oxide-silicon (SONOS) flash storage element included with each memory cell. In the event of an unforeseeable operating voltage drop below a defined value, the robust, cost-optimized SONOS technology enables non-volatile storage of all data in less than 15ms. The non-volatile memory device also provides typical advantages of static random access memories (SRAMs), such as fast access times and unlimited read / write endurance. The ANV32AA1W serial nvSRAM with double memory architecture is organized as 128k words of 8 bits each and supports SPI Modes 0 and 3. The high clock rate of 66MHz is a notable performance feature. An integrated Power Down functionality (hibernate mode) with a standby current Ihib of less than 1µA ensures low power consumption of the system. The time to recover from Power Down mode is typically only 60µs. Unique safety features, such as checksum protected memory accesses (Secure READ and Secure WRITE) as well as Time Monitoring, ensure a high degree of reliability of the nvSRAM. The ANV32AA1W can be operated with 2.7V to 3.6V and comes in 8-pin DFN and 16-pin 169 mil TSSOP packages for commercial and industrial (-40C to +85C) temperature ranges. The ANV32AA1W 1 Mb nvSRAM is suitable for applications such as medical devices, industrial automation (for example, motor control and robotics), measurement technology, building automation, smart metering systems and many others, says the company.

By Craig Dyball