New high-speed CMOS DDR2 synchronous DRAMs offer 2Gb density

26-06-2015 | Alliance Memory | Semiconductors

With the introduction of a new device featuring high 2Gb density in the 84ball 8mm x 12.5mm x 1.2mm FBGA package, Alliance Memory has expanded its lineup of high-speed CMOS double data rate 2 synchronous DRAMs (DDR2 SDRAM). Available from a limited number of suppliers, the AS4C128M16D2 is offered in commercial (0C to +85C) and industrial (-40C to + 95C) temperature ranges. Hard to find until now, says the company, the AS4C128M16D2 provides a reliable drop-in, pin-for-pin-compatible replacement for a number of similar solutions in automotive, industrial, consumer, networking, and medical products requiring high memory bandwidth. The device is internally configured as eight banks of 16M x 16 bits. The DDR2 SDRAM offers a synchronous interface, operates from a single + 1.8V (± 0.1V) power supply, and is RoHS-compliant. The AS4C128M16D2 features a fast clock rate of 400MHz and a data rate of 800Mbps/pin. The DDR2 SDRAM provides programmable read or write burst lengths of 4 or 8. An auto pre-charge function provides a self-timed row pre-charge initiated at the end of the burst sequence. Easy-to-use refresh functions include auto- or self-refresh while a programmable mode register allows the system to choose the most suitable modes to maximize performance, says the company.

By Electropages Admin