Super-heterodyne image-reject RF receiver with automatic gain control

27-05-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

The Micrel MICRF229 ASK/OOK receiver with auto-poll and RSSI is now available from Mouser stock. It is a 400-450MHz super-heterodyne, image-reject RF receiver with automatic gain control. The MICRF229 also features an ASK/OOK demodulator and analog RSSI output. It's ideal for low-cost, low-power, RKE, TPMS and remote actuation applications and only requires a crystal and a minimum number of external components. It achieves -112dBm sensitivity at a bit rate of 1kbps with 1% BER. The MICRF229 has eight demodulator filter bandwidths selectable in binary steps from 1625Hz to 34kHz at 433.92MHz. This allows the device to support bit rates up to 20kbps. It typically consumes 6.0mA at 433.92MHz with a supply voltage of 3.5V to 5.5V. The shutdown mode and sleep mode reduce current to 0.5µa and 15µA. Applications include automotive remote keyless entry (RKE), long-range RFID, remote fan / light control, garage door / gate openers, remote metering and low data rate unidirectional wireless data links.

By Electropages Admin