Ultra low-power IoT platform with secure Wi-Fi access to the cloud

08-05-2015 | Atmel | New Technologies

Atmel and MXCHIP, a rising IoT start-up have announced the two companies are
jointly developing an ultra low-power Internet of Things (IoT) platform with
secure Wi-Fi access to the cloud, enabling designers to quickly bring their
IoT devices to market. This joint platform combines Atmel's ultra-low power
Atmel | SMART SAM G Cortex-M4-based MCUs and its SmartConnect WILC1000 Wi-Fi
solution with MXCHIP's MiCO IoT operating system (OS), servicing a full
range of smart device developers for IoT applications.

With the rapid growth of the IoT market, these smart, connected devices will
require secure access to the cloud on what will likely be billions of
battery-operated devices. The new platform combines Atmel's proven ultra-low
power SAM G series of MCUs, designed for wearables and sensor hub
management, and Atmel's secure ultra-low power SmartConnect WILC1000 Wi-Fi
solution with MXCHIP's leading MiCO IoT OS for next-generation IoT
applications. This integrated platform gives IoT designers the confidence
that their battery-operated devices will have longer battery life and their
data will be securely transferred to the cloud.

Atmel's WILC1000 is an IEEE 802.11b/g/n IoT link controller leveraging its
ultra low-power Wi-Fi transceiver with a fully-integrated power amplifier.
This solution delivers the industry's best communication range of up to
+20.5dBm output, ideal for connected home devices. Integrated in packages as
small as a 3.2mm x 3.2mm WLCSP, the Atmel WILC1000 link controller leverages
in this platform Atmel's SAM G MCU, an ideal solution for low-power IoT
applications and optimized for lower power consumption, incorporating large
SRAM, high performance and operating efficiency with floating-point unit in
an industry-leading 2.84mm x 2.84mm package.

When combined with secure Wi-Fi technology, the joint IoT platform connects
directly to each other or to a local area network (LAN), enabling remote
system monitoring or control. For increased security, the platform comes
with an optional Atmel ATECC508A-the industry's the first crypto device to
integrate ECDH key agreement, making it easy to add confidentiality to
digital systems including IoT nodes used in home automation, industrial
networking, accessory and consumable authentication, medical, mobile and
other applications, says the company.

"We are excited to team with MXCHIP to bring secure cloud access to IoT
developers with this ultra-low power and secure, connected platform," said
Reza Kazerounian, senior vice president and general manager, Microcontroller
Business Unit, Atmel. "In an effort to accelerate the growth of IoT devices
such as wearables and consumer battery-operated devices worldwide, this
platform enables embedded designers to focus on their differentiated smart
devices without requiring expertise on lowering power consumption, security
and wireless connectivity. Our joint efforts will enable more designers of
all levels to bring their smart, connected designs quickly to market."

Wang Yong Hong, CEO, MXCHIP, added: "This collaboration combines synergies
from both companies to IoT designers including Atmel's global presence with
MXCHIP's local resources enabling IoT designers to smoothly implement cloud
services for their smart, connected devices in China and around the world.
Our platform combines both ease-of-use and simplicity allowing IoT designers
from all levels to access cloud services worldwide ranging from professional
designers for smart, connected IoT devices to Makers, educators and
hobbyists. We will also collaborate on a number of other fronts with Atmel
including IoT research, promotions, and share our IoT knowledge on smart,
secure and connected devices across multiple industries."

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