Microcontroller platform targets digital control-based applications

09-04-2015 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

The new Texas Instruments (TI) TMS320F2807x microcontroller platform is part
of the Piccolo family and is particularly suitable for digital control-based
applications, including frequency inverters, telecom rectifiers, server
power, renewable energy, automotive power, and more.

The F2807x is a 32-bit floating-point microcontroller based on TI's
industry-leading C28x core. This core is boosted by the trigonometric
hardware accelerator which improves performance of trigonometric-based
algorithms with CPU instructions such as sine, cosine, and arctangent
functions, which are common in torque-loop and position calculations. The
F2807x devices also feature the real-time, programmable Control Law
Accelerator (CLA) which allows the off-loading of time-critical control loop
functions, thereby increasing the bandwidth of the main C28x CPU to focus on
other system tasks, such as communications and system diagnostics. With both
the C28x CPU and the CLA, designers can realize up to 240 MIPS of total
system performance, says the company.

Connectivity peripherals such as dual ISO11898-1 (CAN 2.0B) interfaces and a
USB 2.0 port with MAC and full-speed PHY let users add universal serial bus
(USB) connectivity to their applications.

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