Device allows users to connect any low-cost low-power MCU to the IoT

13-04-2015 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

Introduced as the industry’s first Wi-Fi certified wireless networking chip
solution, Texas Instruments has unveiled the CC3100. The device is part of
the new SimpleLink Wi-Fi family that dramatically simplifies the
implementation of Internet connectivity. The CC3100 device integrates all
protocols for Wi-Fi and Internet, which greatly minimizes host MCU software
requirements. With built-in security protocols, the CC3100 solution provides
a robust and simple security experience.

Additionally, the CC3100 device is a complete platform solution including
various tools and software, sample applications, user and programming
guides, reference designs and the TI E2E™ support community. The CC3100
device is available in an easy-to-layout QFN package.

The Wi-Fi network processor subsystem features a Wi-Fi Internet-on-a-Chip
and contains an additional dedicated ARM MCU that completely offloads the
host MCU. This subsystem includes an 802.11 b/g/n radio, baseband, and MAC
with a powerful crypto engine for fast, secure Internet connections with
256-bit encryption. The CC3100 device supports Station, Access Point, and
Wi-Fi Direct modes. The device also supports WPA2 personal and enterprise
security and WPS 2.0. This subsystem includes embedded TCP/IP and TLS/SSL
stacks, HTTP server, and multiple Internet protocols.

The power-management subsystem includes integrated DC-DC converters
supporting a wide range of supply voltages. This subsystem enables low-power
consumption modes, such as the hibernate with RTC mode requiring around 4µA
of current.

The CC3100 device can connect to any 8, 16, or 32-bit MCU over the SPI or
UART Interface. The device driver minimizes the host memory footprint
requirements requiring less than 7KB of code memory and 700 B of RAM memory
for a TCP client application, says the company.

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