Micro PLC card features two RS-485 transceivers suiting diverse applications

24-04-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Subs & Systems

Maxim's MAXREFDES62 RS-485 Communications Micro PLC card is now available from Mouser. It features two RS-485 transceivers with isolated power and data.

The reference design integrates one half-duplex RS-485 transceiver (MAX14783E); one full-duplex RS-485 transceiver (MAX14789E); 600VRMS data isolation (MAX14850); a STM32F1 microcontroller; a FTDI USB-UART bridge; and isolated/regulated +3.3V power rails (MAX17498C / MAX17515).

The entire system typically operates at less than 500mW and fits into a space around the size of a credit card. While aimed at industrial and micro PLC applications, it can be used in any application that requires high RS-485 data rates and ESD protection.

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