Fully-certified medical-grade 3W, 6W and 10W DC-DC converters

09-04-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Aimed at medical applications with direct patient contact, monitoring and therapy systems, Recom's REM3/6/10 series 3W, 6W and 10W series DC-DC converters are now stocked by Mouser. The converters feature reinforced 5kVAC/1 minute isolation with low 2µA leakage and are 60601-1 3rd Ed. certified for 250VAC continuous working. The compact DIP24 package offers tightly regulated single and dual outputs, even under no-load conditions. The outputs are short circuit and overload protected. The converters are available in two different pinning options and optionally with an external control pin for standby consumption as low as 12.5mW. The converters are fully certified to CB, IEC/EN and ANSI/AAMI standards and carry CE and UL marks.

By Electropages Admin