Easy-to-use secondary-side voltage monitor measures its own VDD voltage

09-04-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Mouser now stocks the Texas Instruments (TI) UCC24650 200V wake-up monitor, an easy-to-use secondary-side voltage monitor which periodically measures its own VDD voltage. A relative drop of 3% from the previous reading triggers an alert signal to a receiving primary-side regulation (PSR) controller. Its low-power consumption helps achieve <5mW standby loss in many applications. An internal 200V MOSFET switch is applied across a ground-referenced rectifier to provide a current-limited pulse to the fly-back transformer secondary winding, which couples the signal to the primary-side controller. This signal is repeated at 33kHz until controller-driven switching activity is detected. Applications include <5mW zero-power standby, adapters and chargers for consumer electronics, smart phones, tablets, set-top boxes, TV and monitor power supplies, home appliance SMPS, white goods, HVAC, industrial lighting power supplies and home automation.

By Electropages Admin