New compression-mount 2.4mm coaxial connector

21-04-2015 | Hirose | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Latest from Hirose is a compression-mounted 2.4mm coaxial connector aimed at applications such as lab equipment, test equipment, characterization boards, and high-speed backplanes for data / computing and network analyzers. The H2.4 Series meets the MIL-STD348B standard, and supports up to 50GHz with a transmission speed of 25Gbps. Featuring a stub-less design with screw-mounting to the PCB, the high-bandwidth H2.4 Series coaxial connector simplifies the assembly process and provides several electrical and mechanical advantages over soldered versions. With traditional soldered through-hole type models, signal reflection may be caused by the stub protruding through the board, but the with H2.4 compression-mounted connector, the centre contact is mounted flush with the PCB. This eliminates the stub, and signal reflection is significantly reduced. The H2.4 Series also optimizes design flexibility as it can be used with PCB boards of various thicknesses (1.6mm minimum). In addition, the connector is reusable and can be attached and removed to boards for multiple uses, saving time and costs, says the company. "Solder terminations inherently introduce the potential for human error. A screw mount design eliminates this human error variable and ensures a high reliability connector with excellent high- frequency performance and consistent assembly quality," said Rick van Weezel, vice-president of sales and marketing, Hirose Electric USA. "Through-hole mount types are also limited to one PCB thickness, but a stubless screw mount type allows for various PCB thickness with one connector type." The H2.4 Series plug is manufactured with a 0.085 inch semi-flexible cable with terminated plugs on each end, and the receptacle features a gold-plated ground ring for stabilizing grounding on the PCB. The connector has a contact resistance of 4mohm max in the centre and 2mohm max in the outer section. This H2.4 Series connector series is rated for 500 mating cycles with a characteristic impedance of 50ohm.

By Electropages Admin