Versatile linear position sensors suit diverse industrial applications

16-04-2015 | Farnell element14 | Subs & Systems

TT Electronics' Autopad linear position sensors are now available from RS
Components. They feature patented contactless, inductive technology that
was initially developed for the automotive market and is now available for
industrial applications.

As there is no contact between the target and sensor, mechanical wear is not
a concern. Autopads also offer high immunity to magnetic and electromagnetic
fields, as well as dirt and dust. The units also benefit from simple and
robust construction with proven reliability . Other advantages over rival
technologies include good tolerance to geometric offsets and
cost-competitive performance.

They can be used in a wide range of general sensing applications,
particularly where reliability and ease of use are high priorities. Their
immunity to large magnetic fields (or in situations with harsh EMC
requirements) makes them ideal for applications involving electric motors
and other sources of magnetism. Their tolerance of high vibration also makes
them useful around pumps and heavy machinery and their ability to sense
through non-conductive materials and fluids makes them able to tolerate wet
and dirty environments.

Typical applications include industrial automation, process control, valve
positioning and materials handling, says the company.

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