New HEMT device properties cut conversion loss and increase reliability

14-04-2015 | EpiGaN | Semiconductors

EpiGaN's range of Gallium Nitride on Silicon epi-wafers meet industrial
specifications for HEMT (High Electron Mobility Transistor) devices at 650V.
With its cost-efficient GaN-on-Si technology EpiGaN is leading the way to
define epi-wafer material quality for device properties that cut conversion
loss and increase reliability, says the company.

The growing demand for electronic systems that offer high speed, high
temperature and high power handling capabilities has led the semiconductor
industry to rethink their choice of device materials. Gallium Nitride (GaN),
due to its unique characteristics such as lower On-resistance, higher
breakdown voltage, higher operating temperature and higher switching
frequencies, has become the preferred candidate to revolutionize future
power conversion systems.

EpiGaN produces advanced GaN-on-Si and GaN-on-SiC epitaxial wafers and
delivers them to integrated device manufacturers to build high-performance
power switching systems (up to 600V), as well as RF power devices for
millimetre-wave applications. EpiGaN has patented its proven and
differentiating GaN epiwafer technology to enable its customers to
successfully position themselves in new and rapidly growing market segments.

An important competitive advantage of EpiGaN's GaN-on-Si (up to 200mm
diameter) and GaN on SiC epi-wafers produced in MOCVD (metal-organic
chemical vapour deposition) reactors is that they are compatible with the
existing standard Si-CMOS production infrastructure. Thus, IDMs can continue
to utilize their investment in Si processing lines.

This advantage arises from in-situ SiN layering, a key concept of EpiGaN's
epi-wafer technology, which provides superior surface passivation and device
reliability, and enables contamination-free processing. In-situ SiN
structuring allows the use of pure AlN layers as a barrier material, with
the resulting hetero-structures having a sheet resistance below 250ohm/sq.

GaN technology is beginning to be introduced to numerous high-power
applications such as industrial, consumer and server power supplies, solar,
AC drive and UPS inverters, and hybrid and electric cars. Furthermore, GaN
is ideally suited for RF applications such as cellular base stations, radars
and cable TV infrastructure in the networking, aerospace and defence
industries since it offers high breakdown strength, low noise figures and
high linearity, says the company.

"Even best-in-class Silicon devices are approaching their theoretical
limits," said EpiGaN co-founder and CEO, Marianne Germain. "We supply
industry-leading GaN-on-Si and GaN-on-SiC epi-wafers to the semiconductor
industry to build the next generation of power switching and RF power
systems, offering better power handling, higher conversion efficiency and
lower volume and weight."

PCIM Europe 19 - 21 May, 2015, Booth 6-432.

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