Fastest non-volatile memory technology for design engineers in the UK and Ireland

13-04-2015 | Anglia | Semiconductors

Anglia Components is to take the industry’s fastest non-volatile memory
technology to design engineers in the UK and Ireland, following its
appointment as distributor for Everspin Technologies.

Commenting, David Potts, semiconductor divisional marketing manager, Anglia,
said: “Anglia FAEs love to be in a position to give our customers a real
edge in their design, and Everspin MRAM is a technology that allows them to
do just that. Customers can have the best of both worlds. MRAM is a
non-volatile memory technology without the access speed penalties associated
with Flash. Key markets include instrumentation, military, avionics,
transportation and industrial control.”

Peter Schubert, director of sales, EMEA, Everspin, added: “We need local
distributors with strong technical teams and close relationships with their
customers to take our award-winning memory technology into the market.
Anglia has had considerable success with innovative memory technologies and
fits this profile exactly. Their FAE team is second to none, and they are
really close to the market and their customers, which allows them to
identify designs where MRAM can make a difference and help the customer
succeed in their end market. I am excited to be working with them.”

Everspin Technologies’ award-winning magnetic RAM (MRAM) technology combines
the read/write speed of SRAM and the non-volatility of FLASH with unlimited
endurance (read/write cycles), unmatched reliability, 10-year-plus data
retention and parallel and serial interfaces. It stores data using magnetic
polarization rather than electric charge. MRAM provides the highest density,
the best price/performance and the highest reliability of all non-volatile
RAM product alternatives, says the company.

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