Ultra-high K dielectric capacitor range suits many demanding needs

18-03-2015 | Knowles | Passives

Knowles has expanded its DLI ‘UX’ ultra-high K dielectric capacitor range. The ‘UX’ material has the company's highest dielectric constant allows for higher capacitance values in existing case sizes, or smaller sized components – all achieved without sacrificing performance. The material is space qualified to MIL-PRF-38534 Class K. This new 50V rated dielectric complements the existing 25V rated material and is available to be specified across a broad range of standard Thin Film architectures - including Di-Caps, Border Caps, Bar Caps and Gap Caps. With the temperature stability of an X7R material and a dielectric constant of 25,000, UX is seen as the ideal solution for ultra-broadband decoupling, broadband DC blocking, amplifier stabilization and energy storage applications. Capacitance range 51pF to 10,000pF; Temperature coefficient of capacitance ±15% at -55C to +125C; Dissipation Factor < 2.5% at 1MHz; Insulation Resistance >103Mohm at +25C and Dielectric Withstanding Voltage of 250% of rated voltage. Finished products exhibit exceptional dimensional tolerance and are Ideal for epoxy and wire bond assembly, says the company.

By Electropages Admin