High-performance 10-inch vehicle-mount PC is compact and versatile

19-03-2015 | JLT Mobile Computers | Subs & Systems

JLT Mobile Computers is now shipping its VERSO+ 10 computer with the Intel
Core processor option. It extends the performance of the VERSO rugged
computers by providing even more compute power in the most compact and
robust form-factor. The VERSO+ 10 computer is available with the Intel Core
i5 processor and the dual-core Intel D2550 processor.

Mobile computing is rapidly becoming the preferred solution for users in
many vertical markets, due to its convenience. However, while many tablet
computers provide access to fun or useful applications, the real power of
mobile computing is having access to advanced software, often also used in
the back office, while working in harsh environments.

Running powerful software applications requires powerful processors,
something that many mobile computers aren't able to offer due to size, heat
dissipation or power restrictions. But through design JLT has managed to
increase the performance of the VERSO+ 10 range by integrating the Intel
Core processor. The VERSO+ 10 range now provides the perfect combination of
mobility, performance and robustness. By leveraging the power of the Intel
Core processor, end-users effectively have the power of a desktop computer
in their mobile environment.

This is the latest extension to the VERSO family of rugged mobile computers,
which already includes the 12-inch and 15-inch versions. The VERSO+ 10
features a smaller profile than its close cousins, making it even easier to
integrate into space-constrained vehicle cabins, without losing any of their
benefits. These include built-in WLAN 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n dual-band and
Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity with fully integrated and highly sensitive PIFA
antennas, giving reliable Local Area and Personal Area communications in
even the most harsh and demanding environments. An optional 4G LTE module
can be added to provide Wide Area Communications if necessary and the dock
can also accommodate Assisted GPS and GLONASS technology.

Due to its powerful Core processor, the VERSO+ 10 computer can support a
wide range of operating systems including Windows 8.1 Industry, Windows 7
Pro and Windows Embedded Standard 7.

With this latest development the VERSO+ 10 range is now available with
either the Intel Core i5 processor or a dual-core Intel D2550 processor. The
Core processor option offers 8GB DDR3 memory, while both processor options
feature a 10-inch sunlight viewable XGA LED display with multi-touch
projected capacitive technology. In-built storage comes in the form of a
CFast drive and the computer features waterproof stereo speakers and support
for HD audio. In both versions the power supply and battery back-up are
fully integrated, and supported by JLT's advanced QuickLock cradle, which
significantly simplifies installation in a vehicle while preserving easy
access for security purposes.

The overall dimensions of the VERSO+ 10 computer are 251mm (W) x 207mm (H) x
65mm (D), including dock. Total weight is just 2.7kg. Designed for harsh
environments, the VERSO+ 10 computer can withstand operating temperature
excursions of -30C to +55C, in 10-90% RH. Dust and water ingress is
certified to IP65, says the company.

"The availability of the VERSO+ 10 computer with Core processor adds even
greater customer choice to this successful range of mobile computers," said
Anders Grandin, product manager, JLT Mobile Computers. "Adding the power of
the Intel Core processor to our most compact range of mobile computers,
while preserving all of the rugged benefits of the VERSO range, should
appeal to end-users who need the best performance in the smallest

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