Versatile extruded aluminium instrument case range offers many options

27-03-2015 | Farnell element14 | Subs & Systems

Primarily designed to house PCBs, mounted horizontally into internal slots
in the body of the case, Hammond Electronics' 1455 Series of extruded
aluminium instrument cases is now stocked by Farnell element14. They are
also used to house any small electronic, electrical or pneumatic components.

The units are available with red, blue, clear or black anodised finish for
resistance to wear and tear. Two types of end panels are available: either a
flat aluminium panel, retained to the case body by a plastic bezel or a
one-piece moulded plastic panel.

There are 28 sizes in the family, ranging from 60mm x 45mm x 25mm to 220mm x
165mm x 52mm. All but the four smallest sizes have a removable cover on the
case body to allow access to the PCB when it is in situ; some sizes are
designed around standard 100mm x 160mm or 100mm x 220mm Eurocards.

The taller units will accept multiple PCBs if required. All sizes are
supplied complete with fixings and self-adhesive rubber feet. Flange
brackets that enable the unit to be mounted directly to a shelf or wall are
also available as an optional accessory. Custom options are also available.

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