Low-cost hardware development platform spans design to T&M

04-03-2015 | Farnell element14 | Design & Manufacture

Now available from Farnell element14, Analog Devices' ADALM1000 is a
low-cost hardware development platform, featuring cost-effective hardware
modules that offer 'unique' educational experiences as well as traditional
explorations, says the company.

It features interactive data visualisation and analysis software, as well as
downloadable learning material (curriculum, sample projects, video

Open Source hardware (OSHW) and software (Libre) are fully cross-platform,
working with Windows, Linux, OSX, Android and BSD. The kit includes the
Active Learning Module, a USB cable, I/O cables, header pins and a quick
start guide.

Specific applications of the ADALM1000 platform include: circuit
measurements, performance visualisation and analysis, portable educational
tools, mixed-signal circuit design and T&M.

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