Multiplying parallel-input current-output DAC provides full 18-bit performance

09-03-2015 | Linear Technology | Semiconductors

Available now from Digi-Key, Linear Technology's LTC2757 is an 18-bit multiplying parallel-input, current-output digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that provides full 18-bit performance, INL and DNL of ±1 LSB maximum and monotonic over temperature capability. 18-bit monotonicity is assured in all performance grades. The SoftSpan DAC operates from a single 3V to 5V supply and offers six output ranges (up to ±10V) that can be programmed through the parallel interface or pin-strapped for operation in a single range. In addition to its precision DC specifications, the device also offers excellent AC specifications, including 2.1µs full-scale settling to 1LSB and 1.4nV•s glitch impulse. The LTC2757 uses a bidirectional input/output parallel interface that allows read-back of any on-chip register, including DAC output-range settings; and a CLR pin and power-on reset circuit that each reset the DAC output to 0V regardless of output range, says the company. Typical applications include instrumentation, medical devices, automatic test equipment, process control and industrial automation.

By Electropages Admin