Wurth – High-performance surface-mount air coils for high-frequency applications

24-02-2015 | Wurth | Passives

High-frequency applications, especially in the area of radio technology, require air coils with a particularly high Q-factor. Specifically adapted to the current market requirements for this area, Würth Elektronik eiSos has expanded its portfolio of WE-CAIR air coils with new 1322 and 1340 types. The new devices are one-third flatter than the current types. The new 1320 type has a 20% higher rated current with the conventional ceramic coils in the 0805 chip format. Its high Q-factor remains stable even in the high MHz range, thus enabling these extremely flat air coils to be used over a broad spectrum of frequencies. Due to the air coil, the inductance can be kept constant all the way into the GHz range, meaning that these new air coils are predestined for use in radio-engineering applications. A compact design combined with a high Q-factor and a high rated current enables use in HF front-ends of all kinds and for the adjustment of the impedance of antennas for diverse frequency bands. Samples are available, says the company.

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