High-performance differential amp for RF, IF, or high-speed time-domain applications

06-02-2015 | Texas Instruments | Design & Manufacture

The Texas Instruments (TI) LMH5401 is a high-performance, differential
amplifier optimized for radio frequency (RF), intermediate frequency (IF),
or high-speed, DC-coupled, time-domain applications.

The device is ideal for DC- or AC-coupled applications that may require a
single-ended-to-differential (SE-DE) conversion when driving an
analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The LMH5401 generates very low levels of
second- and third-order distortion when operating in SE-DE or
differential-to-differential (DE-DE) mode.

The amplifier is optimized for use in both SE-DE and DE-DE systems and
offers unprecedented usable bandwidth from DC to 2GHz. The LMH5401 can be
used for SE-DE conversions in the signal chain without external baluns in a
wide range of applications such as test and measurement, broadband
communications, and high-speed data acquisition, says the company.

An evaluation module, the LMH5401EVM is also available.

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