Battery-powered ultra-stable 26GHz RF signal generator

06-02-2015 | Saelig | Test & Measurement

A new low-noise ultra-fast-switching microwave signal generator, covering a frequency range from 100kHz up to 26GHz, the AnaPico APSIN26G is now available from Saelig.

The instrument provides micro-Hz frequency resolution, a wide and accurately-flat output power range to +20dBm, and very low spurious levels. Comprehensive AM, low-distortion, wideband DCFM, and high-speed pulse modulation allow for testing a wide range of receivers.

The APSIN26G's powerful trigger and sweeping modes can be controlled via standard interfaces such as USB-TMC, LAN, and GPIB, and can operate from an optional internal rechargeable battery for truly portable use. Advanced frequency synthesis with a fractional-N divider makes for low SSB phase noise and micro-Hz frequency resolution. The APSIN26G includes AM, DC-coupled wideband-FM, PM, FSK and PSK, frequency chirp, and pulse modulation as standard, and all modulation modes can be combined. This allows for the generation of complex modulation signals for today's advanced communication and location systems. The combination of pulse modulation and FM, for instance, can simulate Doppler effects or chirp signals while simultaneous AM and pulse modulation replicates pulse radar applications with rotating antenna. FM/AM combinations can be used to check fading effects of FM receivers.

The APSIN26G features an industry-leading, remarkably fast 400us frequency switching time, as well as very low SSB phase noise. The unit provides fast analog and digital sweeps including flexible list sweeps, where frequency, power and dwell times can be set individually. A flexible triggering capability simplifies synchronization within test environments.

The instrument also features an ultra-stable temperature-compensated 100MHz reference (OCXO) to insure minimal drift, but it can be phase-locked to almost any stable external reference in a range from 1 to 250MHz. And there is even provision for attaching a USB power sensor.

The APSIN26Goffers a reliable alternative to expensive high-end microwave signal generators, where small size, attractive cost, and excellent microwave performance with versatile modulation is essential. It is compact (6.8 x 8.7 x 4.2 inch) and lightweight (6lbs) and will find applications in areas such as: R&D low noise signal source, production testing (industry-leading switching times; high dynamic range); service and maintenance, signal simulation (Radar, WiMax, UWB), aerospace and defence (pulse modulator, chirps), etc., says the company.

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