New robotics technology site offers a wealth of data and components

26-02-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Design & Manufacture

Mouser Electronics, Inc. today announced their new Robotics Technology site.
Mouser's new technology site provides developers with the resources they
need to learn about the latest advances in robotics technologies, and the
newest components from Mouser Electronics for building robotics systems.

The site contains valuable information for developers interested in
expanding their knowledge about robotics systems. The Technology section is
segmented into four main categories. Overview discusses robotics in general
and briefly discusses the main subsystems. Motor Control reviews the
importance of how motors allow robots to perform physical tasks or travel.
Sensors are used by robots to perceive the world around it and its own
status. Also, MCU Control examines how microcontrollers run the robot and
the importance of peripherals for management and communication.

The Articles section discusses topics such as the future of robotics,
distributed control systems in robotics, and robots that very closely
resemble humans. All articles offer an area to post comments and questions
to facilitate further discussions on the topic.

The Featured Products section focuses on key products available from Mouser
that speed and enhance the development of robotics systems. Products include
the Texas Instruments Piccolo MCUs and Kits, Panasonic AN44183A Motor
Driver, and the Molex Micro Lock 1.25mm pitch wire-to-board connectors.

Finally, the Technical Resources section lists videos, application notes,
and white papers that discuss device selection and system considerations
when designing robotics systems. Subject discussed include robot teachers,
robot restaurants, and even robot cheerleaders.

The Robotics Technology Site is an integral component of the Mouser
Electronics Robotics Innovation Hub, part of the Empowering Innovation
Together with Grant Imahara program. This Innovation Hub explores technical
engineering through articles, video and content that is specifically
designed to educate, inform, and inspire today's engineers, says the

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