Demo board integrates dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor and Xilinx's 7 series FPGA

16-02-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Design & Manufacture

Available now from Mouser, Digilent's ZYBO (Zynq Board) features the Xilinx
Z-7010, which tightly integrates a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with
Xilinx's 7 series FPGA.

When coupled with the multimedia and connectivity peripherals available on
the ZYBO, the Zynq Z-7010 can host a whole system design. The board hosts
on-board memory, video and audio I/O, Dual-role USB, Ethernet, and an SD
card reader.

Additionally, six Pmod connectors are available to add more features as
needed. The ZYBO is compatible with Xilinx's new high-performance Vivaldo
Design Suite as well as the ISE/EDK toolset. These toolsets mix FPGA logic
design with embedded ARM software development. Digilent also provides an
out-of-the-box Linux solution to run on the ZYBO, complete with

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