Quick and easy low-cost control of three-phase motors

23-01-2015 | Texas Instruments | Design & Manufacture

Developers can control three-phase motors in minutes with the new
ultra-low-cost C2000 Piccolo F2806x InstaSPIN-MOTION LaunchPad development
kit from Texas Instruments (TI). It provides a modular, quick-launch
development tool containing everything needed - MCU, emulation and, for the
first time, InstaSPIN-MOTION software - for engineers to easily and
effectively design complete real-time motion control systems with optimized
sensored or sensorless motion control.

Built on TI’s established InstaSPIN-FOC motor control solution,
InstaSPIN-MOTION is uniquely designed to reduce controller tuning to a
single parameter, optimize complex motion sequences and track desired
trajectories with unmatched accuracy across operating ranges. The C2000
InstaSPIN-MOTION LaunchPad incorporates all features from the previously
introduced InstaSPIN-FOC LaunchPad in addition to new InstaSPIN-MOTION
features, enabling developers to take their designs to the next level, says
the company.

“With the introduction of our C2000 Piccolo F2806x InstaSPIN-MOTION
LaunchPad, we are making it even easier for our motion control customers to
experiment with and implement our proven InstaSPIN-MOTION and InstaSPIN-FOC
control solutions,” said Chris Clearman, worldwide manager, motor control
solutions, TI. “Our trusted InstaSPIN and LaunchPad solutions - the result
of more than 20 years of TI’s investment in motion control technology -
enable customers to create differentiated products and accelerate time to

Features :
1 - Eliminate motion control challenges in traditional motor systems by
utilizing the integrated 90-MHz C2000 Piccolo TMS320F28069M microcontroller
(MCU) with on-chip InstaSPIN-MOTION motion control technology.
2 - Leverage InstaSPIN-MOTION SpinTAC components from LineStream
Technologies embedded on the ROM of the C2000 F28069M MCU to:
IDENTIFY: Ensure optimum control by automatically identifying the real
inertia and friction of the system.
CONTROL: Minimize effort and reduce complexity with single coefficient
tuning. Rapidly test and tune position and/or velocity control from soft to
stiff response, defining a controller gain that typically works across the
entire operating range of an application. The controller actively estimates
and cancels system disturbances in real time, providing maximum performance.

MOVE: Produce run-time optimized motion profiles based on start and target
position or velocity and system limitations for acceleration, jerk and
motion trajectory type.
PLAN: Quickly combine various MOVEs with state-based logic.
4 - Achieve sensorless torque or velocity control with the FAST™
algorithm-based sensorless control as well as InstaSPIN-FOC and
InstaSPIN-MOTION projects.
5 - Obtain sensored velocity or servo position plus velocity control with
encoder feedback and InstaSPIN-MOTION projects. Watch this video to see how
this exact technology was used to create a complete two-axis CNC machine
with three unique motion profiles in less than one week.
6 - Isolated, real-time JTAG debugging with the on-board XDS100v2 USB to
JTAG (and UART) for accessing most input/output pins of the
InstaSPIN-MOTION-enabled Piccolo MCU.
7 - Pair with the $49 DRV8301 motor drive BoosterPack for a complete 240W
three-phase, brushless DC motor and motion control solution. It includes an
intelligent gate-driver, 1.5A step down buck converter, power MOSFETs with
NexFET power MOSFET technology, and current sense amps in a small form
8 - Begin software development easily with a free version of TI’s Code
Composer Studio integrated development environment.
9 - Quickly and easily evaluate and develop full InstaSPIN-MOTION-based
applications using the hardware design package (gerbers, schematics and BOM)
and motor control library (modules, drivers, system examples, documentation)
included in the MotorWare software infrastructure, which offers latest in C
object-oriented and API-based coding techniques and 100+ lab-based projects
with robust documentation that lets you explore the features of
InstaSPIN-MOTION. MotorWare also offers a customizable universal GUI to
instrument any MotorWare project. Third-party support from Altair and Plexim
provides more software programming options, says the company.

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