Solid state contactors for frequently switching on and off three-phase loads

20-01-2015 | RS Components | Subs & Systems

Intended for frequently switching on and off three phase loads up to 5HP,
Crydom's DRC Series solid state contactors are now available from RS
Components. They are available in both contactor versions (DRC3P) and
reversing contactor versions (DRC3R).

DRC3P are available in either instantaneous turn-on (for motor control) or
zero voltage turn-on (for resistive loads). The DRC3R include an interlock
control that allows only off, forward and reverse operation in a safe mode:
they switch instantaneously upon application of the control voltage and when
an instantaneous change of direction is commanded they will delay the
direction change by 100m/sec in order to prevent simultaneous forward and
reverse operations.

This solid state contactor can start/stop a three-phase AC motor at a
maximum switching frequency of 9000 cycles/hour.

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