Innovative conductive paint and Arduino touch board target wide-ranging professional applications

16-01-2015 | RS Components | Design & Manufacture

RS Components has launched into its latest distribution partnership by adding Electric Paint and the Arduino-based Touch Board from London tech creators Bare Conductive. The innovative products provide cost-effective and easy-to-use choices for professional engineers and OEMs, says the company.

Electric Paint is electrically conductive, non-toxic, solvent-free, and water-soluble. It can be used as a liquid wire, as a cold-soldering medium, or even as a conductive adhesive. Suitable for use with low-voltage DC power supplies, Electric Paint can be used as a potentiometer and is suitable for prototyping, repairing PCBs, and painting circuits and sensors on any surface.

The Touch Board microcontroller board integrates a capacitive touch chip, MP3 player, SD Card slot, Li-Po battery charger, and 12 electrodes. The electrodes can be connected directly to conductors, such as Electric Paint pads, to trigger sounds via the MP3 player or other functions such as wireless communication or motor control added using an Arduino expansion shield, says the company.

“Starting our partnership with RS Components opens an exciting new thread in the story of Bare Conductive, and will help us expand our passion for creating unexpected ways of interacting with electronics to a global commercial and industrial customer base,” said Matt Johnson, CEO, Bare Conductive.

Ben Lawton, global head of tools and consumables, RS Components, added: “The creative energy at Bare Conductive is palpable, and makes it a delight to work with this team. The added strength of our distributor services, including one-stop online shopping, high-speed logistics, and the DesignSpark interactive environment for engineers, creates a persuasive offer for our customers and a platform to build this partnership and achieve even greater success in the future.”

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