Evaluation boards ease evaluation and design with synchronous buck converters

09-01-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Design & Manufacture

Offering engineers the ability to evaluate and design with International
Rectifier's IR3894, IR3895, IR3897, IR3898, and IR3899 synchronous buck
converters, the company's IRDC389x SupIRBuck evaluation boards are now
available from Mouser.

The synchronous buck regulators are versatile regulators which offer
programmability of switching frequency and current limit while operating in
wide input and output voltage range. The switching frequency is programmable
from 300KHz to 1.5MHz for an optimum solution. They also feature important
protection functions, such as Pre-Bias start-up, thermally-compensated
current limit and thermal shutdown to give required system level security in
the event of fault conditions.

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