Evaluation board allows designers to develop DC-DC converters for comms industries

23-01-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Design & Manufacture

Mouser now stocks the ON Semiconductor NCP1565TELECGEVB Evaluation Board. The board allows designers to quickly assess the NCP1565, a highly-integrated dual-mode active-clamp PWM controller aimed at next-generation high-density, high-performance and small-to-medium power level isolated DC-DC converters for use in telecom and datacom industries. Designers can configure NCP1565TELECGEVB in either voltage mode control with input voltage feed-forward or peak current mode control. Additional equipment needed - A DC voltage source, delivering up to 80VDC and up to 3A - A DC load absorbing up to 100W, Vin, max <20V, Iout, max <40A - Either the above load can display DC V and DC A, Or separated V and A-meters are necessary - An oscilloscope with single-shot capability, says the company.

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