Collaboration to develop world-class IoT solution for innovative home-automation

12-01-2015 | MicroSemi | New Technologies

Microsemi has announced its collaboration with STMicroelectronics on a new
electric vehicle car charger solution using Microsemi's innovative PLC line
driver. This is the first of several solutions targeting systems architects
and designers who develop solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).

The initial collaboration, the module for electric vehicle supply equipment
(MEVSE) featuring vehicle-to-grid (V2G) communication and support for a wide
range of network and application protocols from Tatung, utilizes the
Microsemi Le87501 PLC line driver and the ST2100 STreamPlug SoC from ST,
along with a new proprietary state Machine, event-driven- (SMED) based
digital power controller and is supported by the OpenV2G software stack.

The Microsemi Le87501 PLC drivers are based on Microsemi's proprietary
high-speed, high-voltage bipolar process technology, which enables
significant performance and cost savings over currently used technologies.
Microsemi's industry-leading devices have also been selected by ST for
reference designs for its recently announced ST2100 STreamPlug SoC products
used in applications where high integration levels and computation
performance are required, such as consumer home area networks (HANs),
industrial and smart-grid applications, says the company.

"Microsemi's high-performance line drivers, along with the STreamPlug SoC,
provide a world-class IoT total solution, enabling faster development of
innovative power management systems," said Shahin Sadeghi, director of
marketing and applications, Microsemi.

This is the first collaboration between ST and Microsemi targeting IoT.
According to IDC, IoT technology and services spending will generate global
revenues of $8.9 trillion by 2020, growing at a compound annual rate (CAGR)
of 7.9 percent. Microsemi and ST are enabling additional capabilities with
the use of the Microsemi Timberwolf audio processors for command and control
as well as audio sensing. The Timberwolf DSP platform enables Microsemi to
leverage its extensive expertise and leadership in voice communications to
bridge into new and emerging hands-free applications that require clear
speech, free of noise and echo.

The world's first intelligent-gateway SoC, ST's ST2100 STreamPlug combines a
high-performance processing subsystem with power line communication (PLC),
security and peripheral features to support hybrid networks utilizing
popular wired and wireless standards, including HomePlug AV and HomePlug
Green PHY. The STreamPlug SoC also integrates a PLC modem and analog front

"The ST2100-based platform was developed to enable industrial IoT
applications," said Oleg Logvinov, director special assignments for the
Industrial and Power Conversion Division, STMicroelectronics. "Its value to
the market is being clearly demonstrated in its adoption by Microsemi and
Tatung to address new applications and markets that include electrical
vehicle charging and the smart home."

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