New 500W convection-cooled power supply offers 92% efficiency

29-01-2015 | Excelsys | Power

Excelsys Technologies has introduced the XS500 range of high-efficiency 500W convection-cooled AC/DC power supplies. With a typical efficiency of 92%, and exceptional performance over the entire load range the XS500 does not require any forced-air cooling, says the company. Operating from 90-264VAC, the XS500 delivers 500W output power without the need for forced air cooling, making it ideal for use in a wide range of acoustic and vibration sensitive applications as well as hi-rel applications where fans are not permitted. Combining the use of low energy loss topologies, with low heat generation due to the high efficiency, the components temperatures within the XS500 are kept to a minimum, leading to increased reliability and service life. Offered with nominal outputs of 24V/21A and 48V/10.5A, the wide voltage adjustment range of the models can easily accommodate non-standard system voltages via the on-board potentiometer and Vtrim functions. The XS500 standard protection features and control signals include remote on/off, power fail, remote sense, current limit adjustment, as well as over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection. The Excelsys XS500 carries dual safety certification, EN60950 2nd Edition for Industrial Applications and EN60601-1 2nd and 3rd Edition for Medical Applications, meeting the stringent creepage and clearance requirements. The series provides input to output isolation of 4KVAC, Furthermore; this can be tested on the complete power supply, simplifying system safety agency approvals. The power supply provides also provide 2 MOPP (2 Means of Patient Protection) and <300uA leakage current, making it suitable for use in B (body) and BF (body floating) type medical applications. Designed to meet MIL810G, the XS500 is also compliant with SEMI F47 for voltage dips and interruptions as well as being compliant with all relevant EMC emission and immunity standards. Designed for use in hostile environments, the XS500 can withstand input surges of 4KV and has been characterised to MIL461F with an external EMI filter for Hi-Rel/Defence applications. Optional features include I2C digital communications and OR-ing Function for N+1 redundancy. The unit can also be conformal coated and ruggedised for use in harsh environments. Typical applications include medical systems such as imaging and blood processing equipment. In particular, since no cooling fans are used, the units are ideal for medical systems that stipulate low audible noise specifications. The series also suits a wide range of industrial, laboratory and hi-rel applications, says the company.