Low-power Bluetooth smart platform setting new industry standard

14-01-2015 | Atmel | New Technologies

Atmel has unveiled an ultra low-power Bluetooth Smart solution achieving
sub-1µA in standby mode, while delivering the industry’s best dynamic power
consumption, increasing battery life by as much as one year for certain

According to recent studies, the IoT market is set for explosive growth with
69 percent of U.S. consumers planning to buy network-connected technology
for their homes by 2019. With billions of devices expected in the IoT and
wearables markets, designers of all levels require a very low-power
platform that allows them to develop smart, connected devices in
space-constrained applications. The BTLC1000 pushes the limits of space
constrained areas with its unprecedented 2.1mm x 2.1mm Wafer Level Chipscale
Package (WLCSP) making it ideal for the rapidly growing IoT and wearables
markets, including portable medical, activity trackers, human Interface
devices, gaming controllers, beacons and much more.

Expanding the Atmel SmartConnect wireless portfolio, the BTLC1000 is a
Bluetooth Smart link controller integrated circuit that connects as a
companion to any Atmel AVR or Atmel | SMART MCU through a UART or SPI API
requiring minimal resource on the host side. The standalone Atmel | SMART
SAM B01 Bluetooth Smart Flash MCU leverages the embedded ARM Cortex M0 core
combined with the integrated analog and communication peripherals to
implement application-specific functionalities and is available as a
system-in-package or a certified module. Both devices are fully integrated
with a self-contained Bluetooth Smart controller and stack enabling wireless
connectivity for a variety of applications to be quickly implemented without
the wireless expertise typically required, says the company.

“One of the primary challenges of the IoT market is system integration -
connecting one or multiple devices to the gateway and cloud,” said Reza
Kazerounian, senior vice president and general manager, Microcontroller
Business Unit, Atmel. “Atmel’s new Bluetooth Smart solutions solve these
integration issues by enabling IoT designers of all levels the ability to
connect their devices to the gateway and cloud with an easy-to-use,
low-power Bluetooth connectivity solution. We are excited to enable more
designers to bring their connected devices to the IoT market without
comprising design time.”

Bluetooth Smart devices are a new breed of Bluetooth 4.1 peripherals with
only a single Bluetooth 4.1 radio connecting only to Bluetooth Smart Ready
devices. Bluetooth Smart is the intelligent, power-friendly version of
Bluetooth wireless technology that works with an application on the
smartphone or tablet you already own. The cost-effective Bluetooth Smart
technology can easily give developers and OEMs the flexibility to create
solutions that will work with the billions of Bluetooth-enabled products
already in the market today, and is supported by every major operating
system. The technology brings every day devices such as toothbrushes,
heart-rate monitors, fitness devices and more to be connected, communicating
through applications that reside in Bluetooth Smart compatible smartphones,
tablets or other similar devices already owned by consumers, says the

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