Distrelec: How to Maximise the Battery Life of Your IoT Device

We’re excited to present the recap of the first webinar in this series, which covers the challenging topic of how to maximise the battery life of your IoT device.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to affect all aspects of our lives, and designers need to measure, simulate, and model battery lifecycles in the presence of very small current requirements – quickly and accurately.

Expertly led by Chris Godfrey, Technical Marketing Manager at Tektronix, who is drawing on experience with manufacturers such as Ericsson Mobile Communications, Gerranti Technologies and Tunstall Group Components, this webinar in association with Tektronix will help you do just that.

Watch the video below if you’re an analogue design circuit engineer, test engineer, test technician or simply interested in understanding how to properly select and qualify low-power components or how to accurately and reliably measure power consumption and profile IoT batteries.

Armed with this information, you can take the first steps toward maximising the battery life of your IoT devices.

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