Texas Instruments Showcases UCC5880-Q1 Isolated Gate Driver at PCIM Europe

At PCIM Europe, Matt Romig of Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the UCC5880-Q1  isolated gate driver. This device, crucial for powering silicon carbide, was likened to a "digital spark plug" for electric vehicles.

Key features of the UCC5880-Q1  include real-time variable Gate Drive, which improves efficiency and can potentially add about a thousand miles per year to a typical car's usage. The UCC5880-Q1 , combined with the UCC14141-Q1, helps reduce components, leading to a more compact PCB area and faster design-to-market times.

The UCC5880-Q1 , alongside TI's portfolio, showcases TI's broad capabilities in the realm of power technology. TI has also partnered with Wolfspeed to demonstrate a complete inverter system.

The UCC5880-Q1  is now available for sampling, with the datasheet and other resources available on TI's website at www.ti.com. The team at TI is excited about its potential to help engineers and designers innovate in the electric vehicle industry.

For more information, visit www.ti.com.


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