Crystal Displays: Offering Three Types of Gaming Display Designs

Crystal Displays, a leading provider of gaming displays, offers three types of designs for their products: Legacy, bespoke, and standard. In a recent video, Richard from Crystal Displays introduced these designs and showcased a few examples for each.

The first design showcased was a simple open-frame design, which is lightweight and practical. Although it is not complete from a mechanical point of view, it has mounting points, a simple zintech design, and no touch in the front. It is designed to be built into existing furniture, and the client can fit their own glass over the front.

The second design presented was a bespoke design specifically designed to fit into a legacy design. It has a rear printed touchscreen over both displays, which can be made in any shape or size and customised with rounded corners and different areas. The design has acrylic around the edge on the back and different power connectors, making it easy for the end client to use. It also has fixing points, which are not visible on traditional monitors.

The third design showcased is unique as it consists of two displays that give a panoramic or stretch display format. The design has a completely unique touch glass with round corners and two different areas, with the bottom half being touch-enabled. Richard explains that they use PCAP touch screens, which are very rugged and give maximum flexibility. They can provide a surface finish on it, use high bright displays, and widen angles. They can meet your exact requirements with their products.

All of Crystal Displays' chassis-to-finish designs have the appropriate certification, so there are no concerns or problems. They aim to offer high-quality solutions that are competitively priced and readily available, making their clients' lives easier. They strive to take the problem of monitors away from their clients, and they can make their life a lot easier.

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