Precision Narrow Bandwidth Signal Chain Solutions

Analog Devices continues to push the boundaries for signal chain performance and accessibility to technology. As part of Analog Devices’ commitment to solving the greatest signal processing challenges, we also make it our mission to make the industry’s leading technology easy to select, evaluate, and deploy for the engineers designing with ADI products. This has prompted Analog Devices to develop a targeted suite of application-oriented component combinations, along with evaluation tools, design-in tools, and guides, all bundled into its Precision Signal Chain Platform offerings. This platform offers customised signal chain “flavors” depending on specific application priorities such as accuracy, stability, repeatability, settling characteristics, and density by delivering a more complete, optimised signal chain starting point for precision narrow bandwidth needs. Along with design-in support, there is no longer a need to sacrifice specific customisation needs for the time-to-market benefits of a platform.

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