Navitas presents: Ugreen at CES 2023 - Charging into the GaNFast Future

Join Frederick Rollins, the Creative Marketing Manager at UGREEN, as he delves into the world of GaN (gallium nitride) technology and its significance in the charging industry. With a quick introduction to UGREEN, Frederick shares the company's journey and its expansion into the production of multi-port hubs, adapters, docking stations, and high-end GaN fast chargers. Discover what GaN is and why it matters, its applications, and the benefits it offers in terms of smaller size, faster charging speeds, and reduced carbon footprint. Frederick also highlights UGREEN's GaN-based chargers, showcasing their capabilities in charging laptops and multiple devices swiftly. Explore the widespread acceptance of GaN technology in various industries, such as data centers, automotive, and consumer electronics.


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