Demonstrating 56G Product Demonstrator with Credo - Samtec at Embedded World 2023

In this video summary, Robert Mitchell from Electropages interviews Matt Burns from Samtec at the Embedded World event in Nuremberg. They discuss Samtec's new 56-gigabit system and its various products and features.

Key Products and Features:

  • Flyover QSFP-DD: A front panel pluggable solution that uses Samtec's flyover technology for cleaner signal integrity and longer routing capabilities. It supports data rates of 56 gigabits per second (Gbps) and beyond.

More info: Samtec Flyover QSFP-DD

  • AcceleRate® Cable: A high-density, small form factor solution for routing data over Samtec's flyover technology between adjacent boards or to the backplane. This passive cable supports 56 Gbps data rates.

More info: Samtec AcceleRate® Cable

  • ExaMAX® Backplane Connector: A traditional right-angle backplane connector that supports 56 Gbps data rates. Samtec's ExaMAX® connectors are second-sourced from Amphenol FCI.

More info: Samtec ExaMAX® Backplane Connector

  • AcceleRate® Mezzanine: A configurable interconnect solution supporting 56 Gbps PAM4 data rates, it is designed for attaching daughter cards to motherboards. The mezzanine connector is available in various stack heights and pin configurations. 

More info: Samtec AcceleRate® Mezzanine

For more information on these products or to get in touch with Samtec's technical experts, visit the Samtec Website.


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