Revolutionising Building Automation with Single Pair Ethernet - Analog Devices at Embedded World 2023

In a recent interview at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Meghan Kaiserman, Strategic Marketing Manager for Intelligent Buildings and Infrastructure at Analog Devices, discussed their latest innovation in building automation: a BACnet over 10BASE-T1L demo. This technology makes use of single-pair ethernet to streamline and secure building management systems.

Key Products and Features:

  1. BACnet over 10BASE-T1L: A building automation protocol that allows for the management of commercial and industrial buildings.
  2. 10BASE-T1L: A new single-pair Ethernet standard that can transmit data at 10 Mbps.
  3. RS-485 to Ethernet Conversion: This technology allows for the transformation of existing RS-485 connections into single-pair ethernet, enabling seamless integration with legacy hardware.
  4. Maxim 32650 Microcontroller: This microcontroller supports BACnet IP, allowing for secure communication between devices.
  5. 8IN1110 MAC-PHY: A 10BASE-T1L PHY that includes a MAC for simple interfacing with microcontrollers.

The 10BASE-T1L single-pair Ethernet technology provides several advantages, such as improved security and seamless connectivity. This allows for better optimization of building management systems and extends the communication range up to 1.7 kilometres.

For engineers interested in working with this technology, Analog Devices offers evaluation boards for the 8IN1110 and other variants, as well as application notes and software drivers on their website.

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