Extreme Temperature Engineering with Omnetics


In this enlightening episode of the Electropages Podcast, Travis Newman and project engineer Eric Bergquist from Omnetics dive deep into the world of custom electronic applications designed for extreme conditions. They discuss the intricate design and functionality of connectors and cables that can endure temperatures as high as 400°C, a vital specification for space applications, particularly electric thrusters using xenon gas.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Customized Solutions: Eric Bergquist, a project engineer at Omnetics, collaborates with clients to craft custom applications, enhancing standard products with unique functionalities or requirements.

  2. Temperature Extremes: While standard products might withstand up to 125°C, Omnetics has developed high-temperature solutions tested up to 200°C. Some applications even demand resistance to 400°C for brief periods. To achieve this, they employ thick fiberglass insulation over the wires.

  3. Space Applications: A recent inquiry from the space sector highlighted the need for cables in electric thrusters using xenon gas. These thrusters require high current and voltage and need connectors that can tolerate elevated temperatures. At the Utah small set show, a common requirement was for cables that could sustain 250°C. Another company, using a xenon gas thruster, sought solutions for continuous operation at 330°C.

  4. Heat Management in Space: The absence of gas in space means traditional methods of heat dissipation, like convection or conduction, are unavailable. The only option is radiation, making heat management a significant challenge.

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