Exploring Nano Connectors for High-Performance Applications with Omnetics

Exclusive Interview with Connector Experts!

In this episode of the Electropages Hub Podcast, host Robin Mitchell engages in a captivating discussion with Travis Neuman and Scott Fitzharris from Omnetics, a leading manufacturer of custom connectors. The conversation delves into the world of Nano connectors, highlighting their remarkable applications, challenges, and standout features.

Nano Connectors: Versatile Solutions for High-Performance Industries

  • Nano connectors find applications in aerospace, defence, high-tech devices, and space exploration industries.
  • They offer compact form factors, low voltage power transmission, and robust performance against shock and vibration.
  • Advantages include weight reduction and sleek design.

The discussion further explores the challenges faced in trace routing and managing high pin densities. Omnetics' solutions, such as latching connectors, integrated back shells, and through-hole pins, are highlighted as effective approaches to address these challenges.

The conversation also sheds light on Omnetics' meticulous manual assembly process, emphasising the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and cutting-edge equipment utilised to ensure superior quality connectors.

Neuman and Fitzharris encourage engineers to leverage Omnetics' expertise and seek their guidance for tailored connector solutions. Omnetics' extensive experience and personalised support play a crucial role in assisting customers with their specific connector needs.

To learn more about Omnetics and their wide range of connector solutions, visit their official website: Omnetics Website.


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