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Low-noise single-coil fan driver IC with built-in current limiting

Aimed at the development of energy-efficient cooling system designs, Melexis has introduced the MLX90297, a new 600mA single-coil fan driver IC. Based on the proven MLX90287, the newcomer integrates a high-sensitivity Hall-effect sensor

Melexis | Products | 22-01-2015

Two-stage power amp offers 30.5dB of gain with 31.3dBm output power

Available now from RFMW, Qorvo's (RFMD / TriQuint) TQP9108 has two stages of amplification offering 30.5dB of gain with 31.3dBm output power. Covering 1.7 to 2.17GHz, the TQP9108 serves small cell and repeater applications, DAS and booster

RFMW | Products | 22-01-2015

Low cost surface-mount radio module features Bluetooth Smart technology

Anaren's A20737 Bluetooth SIG qualified low-cost surface-mount radio module is now available from Mouser. It features Bluetooth Smart technology that incorporates the Broadcom ultra-low-power BCM20737 SoC, 24MHz crystal, an integrated o

Mouser Electronics | Products | 21-01-2015

Precision automotive thin-film chip resistors in 0402 and 1206 case sizes

Latest from Vishay is an extended PATT precision automotive thin film chip resistor family with devices in 0402 and 1206 case sizes. The devices are available with gold-plated terminals for conventional solder assembly and conductive glueab

Vishay | Products | 21-01-2015

T&M Industry’s first graphical sampling digital multimeter

Keithley Instruments has unveiled the Model DMM7510 7½-digit graphical sampling multimeter, the first of a new class of digital multimeters. The instrument integrates a high-accuracy digital multimeter, a digitizer for waveform capture,

Keithley | New Technologies | 21-01-2015

New industry-standard 58mm diameter incremental encoder range

The German encoder designer and manufacturer Wachendorff Automation, represented in the UK by Variohm EuroSensor, has revised its range of incremental encoders with upgraded specifications and new design features. Formerly known as the W

Variohm | Products | 21-01-2015

Flexible FPGA chip with integrated AFDX protocol for aircraft systems

MEN Micro has released the CS1, an FPGA chip with an integrated AFDX protocol that provides a flexible alternative for communication in aircraft. The customizable CS1 enables users to build AFDX-based communication systems independent

MEN Micro Ltd | Products | 21-01-2015

Low phase noise clock generators support PCI Express and sRIO clock requirements

ON Semiconductor's NB3N510xx series PLL clock generators are now available from Digi-Key. The precision low phase noise clock generators support PCI Express and sRIO clock requirements. They accept a 25MHz fundamental mode parallel reso

Digikey | Products | 21-01-2015

Crystal oscillators come in compact 2.5m x 2mm surface-mount packages

Epson Toyocom SG-210STF crystal oscillators are now available from RS Components. The compact devices come in 2.5mm x 2mm SMD packages and feature CMOS output, 1.6V to 3.6V supply voltage, an output frequency range of 1MHz to 75MHz and

RS Components | Products | 21-01-2015

High-speed ADCs support single-ended and pseudo-differential analog inputs

Texas Instruments' (TI) ADS8353, ADS7853, and ADS7253 are pin-compatible dual high-speed simultaneous-sampling, analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) that support single-ended and pseudo-differential analog inputs. The devices include tw

Texas Instruments | Products | 21-01-2015

Develop Bluetooth Low Energy applications using PSoC 4 and PRoC devices

Farnell element14 now stocks the Cypress CY8CKIT-042-BLE Pioneer kit which enables users to evaluate and develop Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) applications using the PSoC 4 BLE and PRoC BLE devices. The kit supports system-level designs u

Farnell element14 | Products | 21-01-2015

Versatile 36V window comparator / dual independent monitor

Mouser now stocks the Texas Instruments (TI) 36V TPS3701, a wide supply voltage window comparator that operates over a 1.8V to 36V range. The device has two precision comparators with an internal 400mV reference and two open-drain output

Mouser Electronics | Products | 21-01-2015

Low-profile right-angle solder option for wires exiting a PCB with space constraints

Molex has announced that its SolderRight Direct Solder terminals are now available to fulfil direct solder wire-to-board designs where a very low-profile right-angle solder option for wires exiting a PCB is necessary due to severe space

Molex | Products | 21-01-2015

Programmable DC-DC controllers for servers and high-end computing

Powervation has announced its latest series of digital DC-DC controllers for servers, high-end desktop, and embedded computing systems. The PV3103, PV3104, and PV3202 devices feature single- and dual-phase outputs and support both PMBus

Powervation | Products | 21-01-2015