Combined Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / NFC modules for easy implementation of latest standards

Latest from U-blox is the EMMY-W1 series of multi-radio modules for easy, reliable implementation of in-vehicle hotspots, rear seat entertainment, hands-free telephony, rear view c

Products | 26-02-2015

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combined in compact host-based automotive module

U-blox has announced full production availability of the new ELLA-W1 series of compact, automotive-grade, multiradio modules. The modules promise predictable, reliable results and

Products | 24-02-2015

Compact dual-band Wi-Fi and dual-mode Bluetooth IoT module

Latest from U-blox, the ODIN-W262 is a new stand-alone multiradio module designed for Internet-of-Things applications. The professional-grade (-40C to +85C) module makes adding wir

Products | 20-02-2015