First industrial grade 3D ultrasonic collision avoidance sensor

Toposens launches its first commercial Toposens 3D Collision Avoidance System for mobile robots based on the proprietary Toposens 3D ultrasonic echolocation technology. Satisfying

Test & Measurement | 22-07-2022

New ultrasonic 3D sensor with MEMS microphone for obstacle detection

Toposens has partnered with Infineon Technology to accomplish 3D obstacle detection and collision avoidance in autonomous systems using Toposens' proprietary 3D ultrasound technolo

Test & Measurement | 24-11-2021

Ultrasonic echolocation sensor for 3D collision avoidance

Toposens GmbH releases its new Ultrasonic Echolocation Sensor for 3D Collision Avoidance. The industrial-grade sensor development kit, ECHO ONE DK, offers the next level of develop

Test & Measurement | 25-10-2021