Powering hydrogen production

Powerstax is ideally placed to support research facilities and OEMs developing hydrogen gas production systems for transportation, power generation and more. The company have two p

Power | 26-08-2020

New programmable power supplies offer up to 95% efficiency

Powerstax now supplies the upgraded range of Magna-Power SL Series 1U programmable DC power supplies. Now providing up to 95% efficiency and carrying an NRTL safety listing the ser

Power | 04-06-2019

New distributor for high voltage DC power supplies and capacitor chargers

Powerstax, as exclusive UK distributor for the Technix, can provide high voltage DC power supplies and capacitor chargers. The company's products are in use worldwide by major OEMs

Products | 16-04-2019

Programable power supplies provide versatile high power density DC power solutions

Powerstax now distributes Magna-Power’s range of programable power supplies. This extensive product range complements the existing Powerstax portfolio of DC power supplies and tran

Products | 07-03-2019

Form fit and function replacements for obsolete power supplies

Powerstax offers users of legacy equipment and those involved with repair or refurbishment of critical or capital systems form-fit-and-function replacement power supplies combining

Products | 13-12-2018

A single source to extend the life of obsolete power supplies

Replacements and alternatives to legacy Kingshill linear power supplies are offered from Powerstax. For many years Kingshill made a large number, and a wide variety of their linear

Products | 02-08-2018

Simple to customise AC power sources at low off-the-shelf prices

Powerstax offers an options list illustrating how their 15 Behlman Electronics High-Power Series AC Power sources/frequency converters that can be selectively customised in many wa

Products | 20-09-2017

Powerstax – Company awarded ISO 9001 on recently combined manufacturing facility

Powerstax has been awarded ISO 9001 on its recently combined manufacturing facility in Wickford, Essex. The long-term home to the ‘Drake’ brand of power conversion products now

Products | 27-06-2017

Power supply can be quickly customised with no NRE costs

Powerstax has announced a configurable power supply that can be built to meet exact custom requirements but without the lengthy lead times and non-recurring engineering (NRE) cos

Products | 12-03-2015