Form fit and function replacements for obsolete power supplies

13-12-2018 | Powerstax | Power

Powerstax offers users of legacy equipment and those involved with repair or refurbishment of critical or capital systems form-fit-and-function replacement power supplies combining the latest technology and giving major increases in reliability and efficiency. A recent case involved the recommissioning of an ion implant system used in semiconductor device fabrication. Replacing the over 20-year-old power supplies without the necessity to alter the system chassis or control systems needed a custom designed power supply. The replacement product supplied made use of a modern high-efficiency AC/DC 'brick' module with an added current limit circuit, and an external output voltage adjustment circuit via a 10-turn potentiometer fitted to the front plate to enable it to function exactly like the original power supply. The new power supply has a 90-253VAC universal input providing the original input voltage select link to be removed and gives an output of 48VDC @ 7.5A. Chief executive officer of Powerstax, Tim Worley, comments: “We have many years’ experience of manufacturing custom and added value power conversion products. Offering this expertise to users of legacy systems by providing form-fit-and-function replacement power supplies ensures critical, and capital equipment can continue in service for many more years improving ROI and avoiding unnecessary replacement costs.”

By Electropages Admin