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Low-current wire-to-wire genderless interconnects boost efficiency

Molex Ditto genderless connectors are now available from Mouser. The low-current wire-to-wire interconnects are designed to boost cost savings and operational efficiency. The Di

Products | 08-04-2015

Continuous rate clock and data recovery IC exceeds all required jitter specifications

Available now from Mouser, Analog Devices' ADN2917 continuous rate clock and data recovery IC is designed to provide the receiver functions of quantization, signal level detect, an

Products | 07-04-2015

Mini I/O connectors suitable for use under harsh environmental conditions

JAE Electronics DZ02 Series Mini I/O connector is now available from Mouser stock. The 0.635mm pitch compact connector features a superior locking structure resistant to vibrati

Products | 07-04-2015

Single IC integrates all circuitry needed to construct a wide range of dynamics processors

Mouser now stocks the THAT Corp. 4301 dynamics processor. Dubbed the 'THAT Analog Engine', it combines in a single IC all the active circuitry needed to construct a wide range o

Products | 07-04-2015

Evaluation board with PMOD form factor helps evaluation of pseudo differential ADC

Analog Devices EVAL-AD7942-PMDZ evaluation board is now available from Mouser. With a PMOD compatible form factor helps designers evaluate the AD7942 14-Bit, 250kSPS PulSAR, MSO

Products | 07-04-2015

Micro PLC card features 8-channel digital inputs with isolated power and data

Available now from Mouser stock, Maxim's MAXREFDES64 digital-input Micro PLC card features 8-channel digital inputs with isolated power and data. This reference design integrat

Products | 02-04-2015

Matched dual-junction surface-mount JFET affords sensitivity and stability

Featuring dual die matched pairs in a single plastic surface-mount package, InterFET's IF1322 matched dual-junction field-effect transistor (JFET) is now available from Mouser st

Products | 02-04-2015

Switch detection interface ICs suit wide range of automotive and industrial applications

Mouser now stocks Freescale's MC33978/34978 switch detection interface ICs. The multiple switch detection interface (MSDI) devices are designed to detect the closing and opening

Products | 02-04-2015

Easy-to-use rapid-prototyping kit for TI’s new MSP432 microcontrollers

An easy-to-use rapid-prototyping kit for TI’s new MSP432P401R microcontrollers featuring 256KBytes of Flash and 64K of SRAM - the MSP-EXP432P401R LaunchPad Evaluation Kit is now st

Products | 02-04-2015

Evaluation Board for the AD7988-1 16-Bit, 100ksps ultra low-power SAR ADC

Analog Devices EVAL-AD7988-1-PMDZ Evaluation Board, with PMOD compatible form factor, helps designers evaluate the AD7988-1 16-Bit, 100ksps Ultra-low Power SAR ADC. The EVAL-A

Products | 01-04-2015

Integrated AFE suits many ultrasonic sensing measurement needs

Available now from Mouser, the Texas Instruments (TI) TDC1000 Integrated analog front-end (AFE) is designed for ultrasonic sensing measurements of level, fluid identification / c

Products | 01-04-2015

Highly-integrated PWM controller enhances performance of fly-back converters

Available now from Mouser stock, Fairchild's highly-integrated FAN6604 PWM controller provides features which enhance the performance of fly-back converters. To minimize stand

Products | 01-04-2015

Single-coil and dual-coil latching PCB power relays suit many needs

Mouser now stocks Omron's G5RL-U/-K PCB power relays which are available as single-coil or dual-coil latching models. The relays feature a creepage distance of 8mm between coil

Products | 01-04-2015

High-speed backplane interconnects offer top data rate of up to 40Gb/s

Mouser now stocks TE Connectivity's STRADA Whisper connectors. The next-generation high-speed backplane interconnects offer industry-leading data rate of up to 40Gb/s for applic

Products | 31-03-2015